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Training Strategy
With the increased demand for flexible cost-effective training solutions, how do you develop a training strategy?  Call BNH! We can help you decide which training programs and delivery methods will best meet your needs and budget.

Training Needs Analysis (TNA)
Training Needs Analysis (TNA) is crucial to operational readiness and mission success. How do you produce effective and efficient training plans that meet standards? Call BNH! Our track record on large scale military projects speaks for itself.
Training Systems Requirements Analysis (TSRA)
Air Force Space Command Audit Agency concluded that "timely completion of Training Systems Requirements Analysis (TSRA) will lead to more effective trainers and reduce acquisition costs by $101 million over 5 years".  How do you simplify and speed the analysis? Call BNH to find out how we improved clients efficiency.
Job Tasks Analysis (JTA)
Job Analysis has many benefits. In addition to generating job descriptions that aid in hiring the right individuals, it documents job requirements. How do you capture, analyze and manage the requirements across dozens of positions? Call BNH to find out how we simplify and speed the process.
Live/Synthetic Option Analysis
Significant cost savings can be achieved by shifting training from the live to the synthetic domain with minimal impact on performance. However, selecting the right balance for a system is not easy. Dozens of interrelated factors impact the decision. How do you uncover the blend that is best for you? Call BNH to find out how our process uncovers the optimal solution.

Manpower, Personnel and Training (MP&T)
MP&T answers the following questions: what activities do workers undertake; qualifications needed to perform the job; machinery or equipment used; what constitutes successful performance; training needed to operate and maintain system or sub system, etc. How do you capture, analyze and manage the requirements across dozens of positions? Call BNH to find out how we simplify and speed the process.

ADVISOR Training/Support
If your team lacks the clarity or  processes needed for conducting training needs analysis, job task analysis, live/synthetic option analysis, performance analysis; forecasting training budget and resources; aligning training with goals and so on..., then call BNH for practical hands on workshops that deliver results.

ADVISOR Customization
ADVISOR consists of 5 modules that can be used separately or in combination to meet various needs. In addition to assembling ADVISOR based on desired modules and providing functions to configure each project in line with needs; unique requirements are met by customizing ADVISOR in line with needs. Call BNH to find out how we provide custom built solutions at off-the-shelf pricing. 


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