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ADVISOR Enterprise simplifies and speeds training needs analysis, forecasts and optimizes training resources, improves resource allocation and generates audit trail to support recommendations. Moreover, ADVISOR is web based (i.e., users can access anytime and from anywhere with only a browser), stores all data in a centralized database, can be installed locally or used off BNH Server, consists of 5 modules that can be used separately or in combination to meet various needs and customized in line with requirements. 

In addition to assembling ADVISOR based users requirements (i.e., selected modules) and providing multiple functions to configure each project in line with needs (i.e., identify data to be collected and analysis to be conducted, modify language in line with terminology, and much more); we recognized that some projects may have unique requirements that can only be met by customizing ADVISOR in line with user's needs. This may include, as an example, exchange of data with other systems, the inclusion of specific data elements, analysis, media and reports. However, these customization, should not lock users in a specific ADVISOR version or lead to costly updates.

To provide clients with customized solutions at off-the-shelf maintenance pricing, we developed a simple yet highly efficient solution. By assigning unique ID to each client, customizations can be tagged with clients' unique IDs. As a result, all customizations can be stored in a single version and only display relevant customizations to each client.  This, in-turn, allowed us to maintain a single (versus multiple) ADVISOR version and guarantee that all customizations will be carried forward in all future releases at no additional cost.  For illustration, sample customizations that have been carried out for various clients are presented below: 

"BNH is very customer oriented, and performed flawlessly through a series of five software customization's. Our needs were met and all products were delivered on time. Staff was extremely helpful in identifying better and more economical ways to customize their product for our customers specific needs. I would not hesitate to use this vendor again and wholeheartedly recommend BNH for any enterprise training solution."

Richard "Steve" Dehart

Principal Training & Development Specialist

RTSC Engineering Training Directorate

Raytheon Company

New Media and Selection Models

To facilitate the selection of the most appropriate simulator for each training activity, the attributes of 23 simulators built by CAE - a global leader in modeling, simulation and training for civil aviation and defense - were incorporated in the ADVISOR media selection model.


Similarly, 25 academic and hands-on delivery options including part task and full task trainers with various levels of fidelity were incorporated in the ADVISOR media selection model for the Poseidon P-8A project; as well as 18 full and part task trainers for the Sikorsky CH-53K model. 

New Difficulty, Importance & Frequency (DIF) Models

The modified Ohio State SCID DIF task selection model was incorporated in ADVISOR to satisfy the requirements of the Poseidon P-8A project and the Criterion Approach to meet the requirements of the Canadian Air Force Technical Training Renewal (ATTR) project.

Links to External Systems

To facilitate data exchange with external systems, multiple manual and automated import and export functions have been incorporated in ADVISOR for various clients.  These included:

  • Data import from MS Excel.

  • Data export to IBM Rational DOORS a requirements management application.

  • Data export to Outstart a Learning Content Management System (LCMS).

  • Web Services to receive and send data to various system.


To minimize the effort needed to compile data and generate reports, several custom reports have been incorporated in ADVISOR to meet the requirements of various military standards. These included: 

  • Master Task List (MTL) Report

  • Master Training Task List (MTTL) Report

  • Objective/Media Analysis (OMA) Report

  • Job Task Analysis Report (JTAR) 

  • Occupational Specialty Specification Report

  • Qualification Standards Report

  • Training Plan Report

For more information or to discuss your specific needs, please contact us by or call us 1 514 745-4010.  


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