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Technology in Distance Learning and Workplace Training

Reference Guide

This reference guide was created to accompany the workshop with the same name. Written in a straight forward and easy to read (non technical) format, the guide covers the strengths and weaknesses of various learning technologies, with a special emphasis on costs and benefits.  The guide provides assistance to those seeking a systematic approach for evaluating, selecting and integrating new technologies in training programs. Starting January 2007, one chapter will be posted per month.  So visit often, and get the entire report for free. 

Research Reports

Learning Management Systems (LMS)

With tens of Learning Management Systems (LMS) to choose from, which product is right for you.  Detailed reports by Bersin & Associates and Brandon Hall Research provide clear overview of the LMS landscape; pricing, assets, and liabilities of the most popular systems as well as the tools to help you narrow the search by zeroing in on the products that best meet your requirements.

Learning Content Management Systems (LCMS)

Learning Content Management Systems (LCMS) are structured environments that help organizations implement better processes and practices for creating eLearning courses. They increase content creation efficiency, minimize redundancy and facilitate the management of the development team. To help you choose an LCMS that fits seamlessly with your eLearning plan, the reports by Bersin & Associates and Brandon Hall Research can be consulted.

Internet Virtual Classrooms

Web-based technologies that allow people in different geographical areas to meet, learn, and work together in real-time can be very effective training, communication, and collaboration tool.  To help you compare leading products and select the tool that best meet your needs and budget the independent and objective research reports by Brandon Hall Research are recommended.

Authoring Tools

E-learning can be powerful and economical, but much of the potential success rests on whether you can provide your training audience with content developed inside your organization. To do that, you need a capable and flexible authoring tool. The key question is: Which tradeoffs do you want to make? And how much support does each tool provide for trainers? Reports on various authoring tools have been published by Bersin & Associates and Brandon Hall Research

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