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  Learning Center


Video Tutorials

Macromedia Flash video clips are provided to help you gain a better understanding of ADVISOR's key features.  To schedule an online demo, please contact BNH at (800) 747-4010, (514) 745-4010 or 

User Guides and Data Collection Forms

A number of job aids included Step by Step Guides for 1st time users, Data Collection Forms, as well as comprehensive User Guides that delves into the theory behind ADVISOR are available online.


Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to questions posed by the ADVISOR Users are now available online and will be updated regularly.  Whether searching for a technical answer to a current problem, tips on how to perform a specific function or tricks to minimize effort needed to carry out a task, check out the FAQ section the latest from BNH's Advisors.


User to User Forum

Interested in finding out how data is being collected, classified, imported, analyzed and reported by others; if there is a more effective or efficient way to perform a specific function. Well, we have always been amazed with the creativity of our users.  Now you have the opportunity to directly connect with each other, to exchange info and identify best practices.

Note: Only registered users can access the Forum. To register, click onMy Account and complete the registration form.


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