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  Technology in Distance Learning & Workplace Training


Written as a guide for newcomers, as well as experienced human resource personnel, this book provides a systematic approach to evaluating, selecting and integrating new technologies into your training programs. Well written and easy to understand, the guide is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in training technologies.

One chapter will be posted online per month.  So visit often and collect the Reference Guide for free.  

"Reference Guide is absolutely fabulous."

Carol-Ann Hamilton
Pitney Bowes Ltd.


"Reference Guide very useful. "

Madeleine Larue
Language Training Canada


"Reference Guide is a great job aid. "

Glenda Hummel

Bank of Nova Scotia



"Excellent Reference Guide."

Andre Levesque
Bank of Canada


Learning Technologies

What is computer and web based training? Is it the same as multimedia? Is it different from an expert system? What does an embedded training system do? What's all the fuss over internet virtual classrooms? These are just a few questions answered in the guide.

Economical, Quality Training

Once you are familiar with the technology, how do you determine which technology (or mix of technologies) will provide the most effective training? Just as importantly, what can be done to improve the cost efficiency of training? Find out what technology can do.

Managing Computer or Web Based Training Project

The guide will assist you in identifying the tools necessary for developing and managing a computer or web based training project. Everything from resources required to deliverables produced for each stage will be detailed.

Implementing Training Technology

Training technology is more than computer or web based training program! Learn how Learning Management Systems (LMS) can reduce administrative costs, diagnose employee strengths and weaknesses and validate the effectiveness of training.

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