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ADVISOR Enterprise 10

Plan better... Achieve more!

ADVISOR Enterprise - a web based decision support tool - simplifies and speeds training needs analysis, forecasts and optimizes training resources, improves resource allocation and generates audit trail to support recommendations.  ADVISOR is made up of the following 5 modules that can be used separately or in combination to meet various needs:

  • Module #1: Training Analysis. To find out “who needs to be trained, on what and why”. Improves training decisions by identifying and prioritizing knowledge, skills and competencies needed by each job (position) to meet organization missions and goals. In addition to establishing a clear line of sight between employees' tasks and organization goals, ADVISOR assesses the need for training using the Difficulty, Frequency and Importance (DIF) model. [Mission Analysis, Job Task Analysis and Knowledge/Skill Gap Analysis].

  • Module #2: Training Design. To find out “what is the most effective and economical training option”. Improves training decisions by rating the effectiveness and computing the costs of alternate blends of delivery options. In addition to maximizing training efficiency, ADVISOR minimizes costly errors by assessing the risks and impact of eLearning and training devices on learners, learning and organization. [Media Analysis, Cost Analysis and Training Plans].

  • Module #3: Resource Management. To find out “how much money and resources are needed”. Maximizes training efficiency by accurately forecasting and comparing the costs of running one or multiple training programs using various blends of delivery options. In addition to improving training decisions, ADVISOR facilitates project planning and resource management by forecasting money and resources needed to develop, deliver, administer, manage, maintain and support training programs over life cycle. [Forecast and Optimize Training Budgets, Personnel and Resources]

  • Module #4: Project Management. To find out “how training should be implemented”. Keeps projects on time and within budget by developing program project plan, identifying critical paths/milestones, assigning personnel and resources as well as monitoring progress. In addition to anticipating potential problems and facilitating the implementation of corrective measures, ADVISOR improves resource allocation by tracking the utilization rates of personnel and resources. [Develop Project Plans and Track Progress]

  • Module #5: Performance Analysis. To find out “how does training impact performance and organizational goals”. Improves performance by zeroing in on the source of the problem and identifying solutions that produce the desired level of productivity. Moreover, ADVISOR highlights actions that will generate the greatest impact by assessing the feasibility of implementing plausible solutions as well as forecasting the costs, benefits and return on investment (ROI) of each intervention. [Performance Gap Analysis, Root Cause Analysis and Cost Benefit Analysis]. 



Media Selection and ROI Tool

ADVISOR 3.5 is a decision support tool (predecessor to ADVISOR Enterprise: Module #3: Select the Right Blend of Delivery Options module). It analyzes training courses to determine the most economical blend of delivery options including instructor-led, print, Computer Based Training (CBT), conferencing, Internet and Electronic Performance Support Systems (EPSS) that will meet your organizational, learning and learner's needs. With ADVISOR, you can explore the possibilities of eLearning over traditional instructor-led delivery options.  The results are presented in easy to follow reports to document your decision, as well as charts to effectively  communicate the results to others. Use ADVISOR to guide your decision making process.



Needs Assessment Tool to Improve Performance

ADVISOR P.I. is a decision support tool (predecessor to ADVISOR Enterprise: Improve Human Performance module).  It analyzes a performance deficiency, detects the source of the problem, identifies solutions - including training - that can produce the desired level of productivity and recommends actions to maximize your return on investment (ROI). ADVISOR P.I. is based on the published work of several experts in the field of Human Performance Technology.  It uses a systematic process for improving performance in the workplace.


Answer Me THIS...!

Simple Authoring Tool for Creating Educational Games

Are you looking for a fun way to test knowledge, add excitement to your training program and motivate trainees? If so, Answer Me THIS...! may be just the thing you are looking for.

With Answer Me THIS...! you can create questions, topics and games for one to four individuals or teams. Simply create topics and questions, select the rules and away you go.  Contestants choose a category and are asked a question randomly from the database.  Players respond by selecting a multiple choice button. Points are awarded or deducted accordingly, and players are given constructive feedback. It sounds simple, but the beauty of the game is that you can easily build your own topics and questions.  Answer Me THIS...! is the easiest way to motivate, excite, educate and entertain your audience. It makes an ideal wrap-up session for any training course.  Moreover, the games can be distributed over the Internet, Local Area Network, CD or diskette.  Answer Me THIS...! is available in English and French.

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