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ADVISOR Enterprise simplifies and speeds training needs analysis, forecasts and optimizes training resources, improves resource allocation and generates audit trail to support recommendations. Moreover, by storing all analysis in a centralized database that can be accessed anytime and from anywhere with only a browser, ADVISOR facilitates collaboration and sharing of data among team members, minimizes duplication and quickly uncovers changes needed to keep training effective, efficient and relevant.

ADVISOR improves training efficiency by clearly articulating who needs to be trained on what and why; what is the most effective and efficient training option; how much money and resources are needed; and which actions would generate the greatest impact - while reducing the analysis time by up to 50%. In addition, ADVISOR is highly configurable, consists of 5 modules that can be used separately or in combination to meet various needs and customized in line with requirements.

To leverage and explore ADVISOR's full capabilities, 3 step approach is recommended.  All products and services within these steps are provided free of charge. 

Step 1. Identify Solution that Best Meets your Needs
Step 1. (15 minutes) To identify BNH products and services that best meet your needs, please setup a brief call with one of our consultants or drop us an email  with brief summary of your unique challenge. 

To discuss your needs with our consultants, please contact us at (800) 747-4010, 1 (514) 745-4010 or




Step 2. Experience the Benefits of ADVISOR
Step 2. (90 minutes) To find out how our products and services can meet your needs; experience the ease in which ADVISOR collects, compiles, analyzes, manages, optimizes and manipulates thousands of interdependent variables to generate meaningful outputs that improve decision making; and benefits realized by organizations with similar challenges, please schedule online briefing.  

To schedule online briefing, please contact us at (800) 747-4010, 1 (514) 745-4010 or

Step 3. Explore ADVISOR
Step 3. (14 days) To explore ADVISOR on your own, a 14 day trial account may be requested at the end of the briefing. An account will be setup and configured in line with your needs, and provided with Step by Step instructions, User Guides as well as support to help you make the most out of your experience. 

To request trial account, please contact us (800) 747-4010, 1 (514) 745-4010 or



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