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Everybody is talking about ADVISOR and how it helped them achieve their goals! Take a look at what they have to say.

"ADVISOR does the work that many independent training consultants are used to charging several thousands of dollars for."

Training with Multimedia
"ADVISOR is a very powerful, useful tool for making decisions about which medium is right for your organization.  A significant contribution to the training industry."
Brandon Hall
Editor of Multimedia and Internet Training Newsletter
Four (****) stars
Editor's Choice Software Review
ADVISOR is recommended in the 2001 publication "Building the Business Case for eLearning" 
Published by
"BNH performed flawlessly through a series of five software customization's. Our needs were met and all products were delivered on time. Staff was extremely helpful in identifying better and more economical ways to customize their product for our customers specific needs. I would not hesitate to use this vendor again and wholeheartedly recommend BNH for any enterprise training solution." 

Richard "Steve" Dehart

Principal Training & Development Specialist

RTSC Engineering Training Directorate

Raytheon Company


"ADVISOR 5.0 is head-and-shoulders above the V3.5 we currently use.  Its simplistic in design, yet robust enough to provide rapid computations of the complex data we need for course feasibility studies -- a very good program."

Billy M. Carter

ITU Support and Quality Control

Simon Mans
Albeda College
"So far - it is looking terrific."
Valerie Watson
e Learning Consultant
"I was very impressed by what I have seen so far.  It looks like a great product."
Jana Godsey
Assistant Director, Multimedia & Information Technology
Eastern Kentucky University
"Great tool to quickly analyze a course in a few mouse clicks."
Shafie Mohd Noor
Project Leader
Multimedia University
"For eLearning professionals it's a good tool and a good help."
Victoria Gracia
Project Manager
Open University of Catalonia
"It gives you guidance to all the things you have to look at when you are costing training methods.  It is not just a spread-sheet exercise."
Stuart Weinstein
Director of Learning
Unisys Corporation
"Very user friendly.  Covers all aspects that you should consider when making a decision."
Joyce Milligan
Training Manager
New Brunswick Tel
"I like using ADVISOR throughout the contractual effort because it is so user friendly, my clients can see the trade-off factors, and, in the final analysis, I am still the decision maker."
Joel Siskovic
Senior Communications, Electronics, System Engineer
Information Systems & Networks
"ADVISOR has been instrumental in illustrating with precise accuracy how our clients will save money, time and resources by introducing technology based learning."
Joel Doherty
Senior Marketing Consultant
Performx Inc.
"With ADVISOR I can make changes on the spot and the graphs demonstrate right away their impact, that have enabled me to cut down my initial analysis from 30 days to one day."
Cathi Billings
Instructional System Specialist
Sheppard AFB


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