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 A Media Selection and ROI Tool

ADVISOR 3.5 is a decision support tool (predecessor to ADVISOR Enterprise: Module #3: Select the Right Blend of Delivery Options module). It analyzes training courses to determine the most economical blend of delivery options including instructor-led, print, Computer Based Training (CBT), conferencing, Internet and Electronic Performance Support Systems (EPSS) that will meet your organizational, learning and learner's needs. With ADVISOR, you can explore the possibilities of eLearning over traditional instructor-led delivery options.  The results are presented in easy to follow reports to document your decision, as well as charts to effectively  communicate the results to others. Use ADVISOR to guide your decision making process. To download a free demo, click on "Download Free Demo" and follow the system prompts. To download the User Guide, click on "User Guide". To purchase click on "Buy Now" and follow the system prompts.

To provide greater flexibility in data collection and sharing; collaboration among colleagues and clients; compiling data from multiple analysis; comparing results from multiple programs; linking training and course analysis to organization missions/goals, job functions, task analysis and performance improvement; exchanging data with external systems and generating robust reports; ADVISOR 3.5 has been redesigned as  "ADVISOR Enterprise" Module #3 "Select the Right Blend of Delivery Options".  Please click on the following "ADVISOR Enterprise" link to proceed.




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