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At BNH, we know that mission-success is contingent on getting the right information to the right people at the right time. We provide the tools and know-how to identify: who needs to be trained on what and why; what is the most effective and economical way to deliver the training; how much money and resources are needed; how training should be implemented and validate that goals have been achieved. In other words, all our actions are centered on identifying the most effective and efficient solutions that will allow your organization to achieve and surpass its goals.

The efficiency of our Training Strategy, Training Needs Analysis (TNA) and Training System Requirements Analysis (TSRA) approach stems from ADVISOR Enterprise - a web based decision support tool that aligns training with organizational goals. ADVISORís step-by-step methodology for data collection and analysis provides a powerful decision matrix that maps the entire front end analysis processófrom missions, tasks and jobs to knowledge, skills, budget, personnel, and resource requirements. ADVISOR weeds out options with minimal impact while pin-pointing the most efficient and effective ways of running training programs. The result, organizations can plan, optimize, forecast and track both the costs and impacts of their training programs from a centralized location.

At BNH, we go beyond software development; we are knowledge builders. We relentlessly seek out ways of optimizing Training Needs Analysis. We recognize that the analysis process is data intensive with thousands of interdependent variables. Thatís why we take a comprehensive approach to our method; to provide you with results-driven solutions. Our products, services and workshops are based on scientific principles and supported by extensive research to produce practical and measurable results. This approach ensures that our clients always receive the right set of solutions for their organization. The pursuit of knowledge is not simply our business, but our being. 

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