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Hundreds of organizations have relied on BNH to simplify and speed training analysis, forecast and optimize training resources, improve resource allocation, produce audit trails to support recommendations and generate reports that meet the requirements of various military standards. With offices located in Montreal and Vermont, along with associates in Florida, Virginia, Texas and the United Kingdom, we continue to expand our services while remaining responsive to the needs of our clients. A list of satisfied customers is presented below: 


Armament   Government
Babcock International Group   International Development Agency
Boeing Helicopter   Canadian Foreign Service Institute
Boeing (Poseidon P-8A) Department of Foreign Affairs
CAE (Operational System Training Provider - OTSP)   Department of Indian Affairs
K2Share (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles)   Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
Knolls Atomic Power Lab (Nuclear Sub)   Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
Lockheed Martin (Army Training Integration - ATEI)   Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.
Lockheed Martin (Basic Wing Course)   Hydro Quebec
Lockheed Martin (C130J)   Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
Lockheed Martin (HPE)   Northern Michigan Hospital
Lockheed Martin (JSF)   San Diego Transit
Lockheed Martin (MSS)   Statistics Canada
Lockheed Martin (UKMFTS)   Transport Canada
Raytheon Australia   US Courts
Raytheon Systems Company   US Customs & Border Protection
Raytheon Systems Company (DTR)   US Department of Treasury
Sikorsky Aircraft (Blackhawk CH-53K)   Corporate
Sikorsky Aircraft ( Maritime Helicopter Project)   Allina Health Systems
Sikorsky Aircraft ( US Army Blackhawk)   Avnet Computers
SNC Lavalin (Polar Ice Breaker)   Bank of Canada
USfalcon (Air Force Space Command)   Bank of Montreal
    Baptist Health Systems
    Bell Atlantic
Military   Fédération des caisses Desjardins
Air Force Technical Training Renewal (ATTR)   Caterpillar
Canadian Forces College   Citibank
Canadian National Defence   First Data
Netherlands Ministry of Defence   Florida Light and Power
Republic of Singapore Air Force   Harper Collins
Royal Air Force (UK) Hewlett Packard
Royal Australian Air Force   Intermec Technology Corp.
US Army   Kraft Foods
US Air Force Space Command Merck Corporation
US Coast Guard   Metropolitan Life
US Marine Corps   National Bank
US Navy   Nortel Networks
    Perto Canada
Educational   Prentice Hall
Mary Washington College   PricewaterhouseCoopers 
TQ Education and Training   Royal Bank
University of Calgary   Sun Microsystems
University of Central Florida   TD Bank 
University of Houston   Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

Corporate Experience

Below is a sample of relevant work experience, which we have gained over the past 15 years. We invite you to review this section to see how closely your training challenge is to some of our other clients even though your industry may be different.

CLIENT: Avnet Computers - February 1992
CHALLENGE: Develop an innovative approach for increasing business opportunities.
SOLUTION: Develop an interactive performance support tool to allow potential clients to identify, select and assemble computer systems that meet their needs, and generate a purchase order.
RESULTS: The computerized ordering system generated positive publicity and increased revenue for Avnet Computers. 
CLIENT: Bank of Canada - January 1997
CHALLENGE: Propose a strategy for the development and promotion of a Learning Center.
SOLUTION: Conducted a needs analysis to determine the reasons behind the lack of interest in the Bank of Canada's newly introduced Learning Center. 
RESULTS: A virtual learning center accompanied by changes to policies and procedures were proposed to meet the needs of the Bank of Canada employees. 
CLIENT: Canadian Forces College - November 2001
CHALLENGE: Canadian Forces College provides a nine-month instructor-led "Command and Staff (CSC)" course to 88 officers per year. Recent studies recommended an extension of the program to 390 officers.  Maintaining traditional delivery options was no longer viable. The challenge was to determine the most cost effective method of delivering training to meet growing needs.
SOLUTION: Conduct a detailed analysis of the CSC course. Evaluate the feasibility and costs of delivering the nine-month instructor-led course using traditional, distance learning and blended (residential with distance learning) approach. 
RESULTS: A blended delivery option (residential with web based training and mentoring) was recommended. The recommended option allowed the Canadian Forces College to use existing facilities - with minor modifications - for the delivery of training. In addition to over $22 million in up-front savings for a new school and residence extension, annual recurring costs were reduced by $6 million, while reducing the number of additional staff by 30%.
CLIENT: Canadian International Development Agency [CIDA] - January 2000
CHALLENGE: Develop a business case for a Virtual Learning Environment that addresses the needs of CIDA employees at headquarters and abroad.
SOLUTION: Analyzed various training initiatives within CIDA, available technology and resources. Evaluated 20 off-the-shelf Learning Management Systems and proposed a phased in solution to meet CIDA's present and future needs. In addition, standards for the design, development and management of technology-based courses, changes to existing processes and a communication plan were recommended.
RESULTS: A detailed document (blue print) that outlines success factors, up-front investment, annual costs, resources and changes required to successfully implement the Virtual Learning Environment. Funding for the proposed plan was received and implementation is presently underway. 
CLIENT: Canadian International Development Agency [CIDA] - July 1999
CHALLENGE: Develop a strategy for the delivery of informatics training to CIDA's employees abroad. 
SOLUTION: Analyzed the needs, available technology and support available to CIDA's employees abroad.
RESULTS: Proposed a cost effective, print-based solution with online support.
CLIENT: Canadian International Development Agency [CIDA] - February 1997
CHALLENGE: Develop a strategy for the delivery of corporate training at CIDA.
SOLUTION: Conducted a detailed review of 21 training programs to determine which approach can be used to optimize the impact of training on the organization.
RESULTS: The recommended training strategy increased impact of CIDA's programs by extending access to CIDA's partners, while reducing spending by $1.2 million over 3 years. Recommendations were approved and implemented.
CLIENT: Caterpillar Americas - December 1996
CHALLENGE: Develop a strategy for training Caterpillar distributors in South America.
SOLUTION: Evaluated products' lifecycle, availability of training material, timelines for course translation, shipping and turn over of distributor employees.
RESULTS: Proposed a performance support tool to assist sales force in matching the right equipment to clients' needs and the Internet for the distribution of training material. The recommendations resulted in higher client satisfaction and increase in sales.
CLIENT: Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade - May 1997
CHALLENGE: Develop a strategy for the delivery of informatics training on new software releases to DFAIT employees. 
SOLUTION: Various alternatives including complete and staged rollout of software packages at different time intervals were considered. The impact of software updates on data exchange and work environment were also evaluated.
RESULTS: A change management plan was proposed with a four phase training strategy. A blended delivery/support strategy was proposed for pre-training, basic training, support and follow-up training that resulted in millions of dollars in savings over traditional methods. 
CLIENT: Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade - July 1996
CHALLENGE: Determine the feasibility of using distance learning in the Department of Foreign Affairs.
SOLUTION: Conduct a detailed analysis of 74 courses. Identified financial, physical, human and technical resources required to design, develop, evaluate, validate and implement a distance-learning program.
RESULTS: A distance learning strategy with an implementation plan was recommended and implemented.
CLIENT: Department of Indian and Northern Affairs - August 1998
CHALLENGE: Create a positive and productive work environment by developing leadership skills at various levels within the organization.
SOLUTION: Develop an Internet based, self-assessment tool to help the Department of Indian and Northern Affairs employees evaluate their leadership skills, and recommend training, where appropriate, to strengthen communication, team building, negotiation, innovation, risk taking and seeing the big picture skills/competencies. 
RESULTS: The system has been deployed throughout the department contributing to an improved and productive working environment.
CLIENT: Department of Indian and Northern Affairs - December 1996
CHALLENGE: Train individuals on the use of "Indian Land Registry System"
SOLUTION: Develop a computer based training course that simulates the system's behavior as well as navigation.
RESULTS: The system is presently used for training new employees of Indian and Northern Affairs as well as Band members that require access to the Registry System.
CLIENT: Kraft Foods - April 1999
CHALLENGE: Evaluate the feasibility of using alternate methods for the delivery of the Job Skills and Situational Leadership training programs.
SOLUTION: Analyzed the feasibility of using instructor-led, print, computer-based training and Video Conferencing for the delivery of training.
RESULTS: Computer-based training was recommended for Job Skills and instructor-led for Situational Leadership resulting in over $50,000 in annual savings.
CLIENT: Metropolitan Life Insurance - March 1993
CHALLENGE: Evaluate the learning needs of over 1,000 agents.
SOLUTION: Develop a computer based testing and management system to evaluate and track the needs of all agents.
RESULTS: Great savings in administrative time and costs resulted from the system. Moreover, Metropolitan Life was able to quickly and easily administer all tests from a central location.
CLIENT: National Bank of Canada - March 1997
CHALLENGE: Increase business opportunities by assisting potential clients in the preparation of business plans and loan applications.
SOLUTION: Develop an electronic performance support system to assist small and medium size organizations in the preparation of business plans and loan applications. Advice is offered throughout the process on strengths and weaknesses of their application and tips for securing business loans.
RESULTS: Over 15,000 copies of the Business Planning Tool were distributed to potential clients - thereby increasing business opportunities while drastically reducing the time needed to process. In addition, the Department of Employment and Immigration promoted the tool for entrepreneurs interested in starting new businesses. 
CLIENT: National Defence MARCOM - February 1996
CHALLENGE: Increase training and development officers' (TDO) knowledge of the strength and limitations of various learning technologies. 
SOLUTION: Develop and deliver six 3-day on-site workshops on technologies in distance learning and workplace training.
RESULTS: Increase TDO's awareness in the advantages and limitations of various training technologies, ability to manage and evaluate large projects and avoid costly errors.
CLIENT: Prentice-Hall Canada - September 1995
CHALLENGE: Gain a competitive edge by providing a computerized learning aid with Marketing textbooks.
SOLUTION: Develop a computer based learning aid to accompany the Marketing, Canadian Edition book by Keegan, Moriarty, Duncan and Paliwoda. Students select a topic and are asked questions randomly from the database. Points are awarded or deducted accordingly, and wrong answers are given constructive feedback. 
RESULTS: The learning aid contributed to a successful marketing campaign that led to the distribution of over 3,000 copies.
CLIENT: Royal Bank - December 1994
CHALLENGE: Train employees throughout North America on the effective use of the CENTREX telephone system.
SOLUTION: Developed a simple electronic performance support tool that simulated the look and functionality of the phone system with a quick reference guide. The tool was distributed through the bank's Wide Area Network and made accessible through an icon on the desktop. 
RESULTS: Increased efficiency and a drastic reduction in the number of calls to the support desk.
CLIENT: Statistics Canada - March 1993
CHALLENGE: Speed up the process of selecting qualified individuals for conducting surveys and interviews. 
SOLUTION: Develop a testing system to evaluate employees' ability in following directions, performing simple mathematical operations and observations. Test results are saved and reviewed jointly with the supervisor. 
RESULTS: The testing system has been very effective in streamlining Statistics Canada's assessment process and reducing administrative costs.
CLIENT: Transport Canada - February 1995
CHALLENGE: Evaluate the feasibility of using distance learning technology in Transport Canada Aviation Section.
SOLUTION: Analyzed the feasibility and costs of using computer based training and video-teleconferencing for the delivery of inspector and engineering courses.
RESULTS: A blended delivery approach was recommended to meet Transport Canada's operational needs while reducing costs.


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