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Improve Training Effectiveness and Efficiency


With multiple competing and continually changing priorities, maintaining efficiency is not a simple task. Resource utilization should be maximized, bottlenecks nullified, duplication minimized, activities prioritized, expenses scrutinized and centers of excellence recognized. Whether you are developing a training strategy, implementing new equipment, system or subsystem, conducting manpower, personnel and training analysis, or managing training resources, to maximize training efficiency quick and accurate answers to key questions are needed. For example, which training programs are planned this quarter, next quarter or next year; how well each program aligns with corporate goals; how much money, personnel and resources are needed for each course and in total; type of resources, personnel and skills required, available or in short supply; impact of changes to throughput, course length and delivery method on budget, personnel and resources; and so on.

With critical, up to date, concise and meaningful reports within easy reach duplications and problem areas can be quickly identified, impact of changes can be readily assessed, plausible solutions investigated, and personnel/ resources reallocated to continually drive efficiency.

BNH web based decision support tool ADVISOR Enterprise simplifies and speeds training needs analysis, forecasts and optimizes training resources, improves resource allocation and generates audit trail to support recommendations. Moreover, by storing all analysis in a centralized database that can accessed anytime and from anywhere with only a browser, ADVISOR facilitates collaboration and sharing of data among team members, minimizes duplication, increases usability and can be easily maintained over time to keep training programs effective, efficient and relevant.


In addition, BNH has over 25 years experience in this field and the resources needed to support your effort.  This includes training, coaching and guidance on how to implement ADVISOR; configuring and customizing ADVISOR in line with needs; development of strategy, process and specs for conducting the analysis; as well as managing and carrying out the entire analysis.  A brief summary of BNH added value is outlined below.



Simplify & Speed Training Analysis: 

  • Configure each project in line with your needs. Specify data to be collected & analysis to be conducted.

  • Speed data collection. Tasks hierarchy including attributes, knowledge and skills can be collected offline through Excel and imported in a single click. Exchange data with through xml.

  • Facilitate collaboration, sharing and reuse of data. Store all data in a centralized database accessible anytime and from anywhere with a Browser.

  • Provide step by step methodology for inexperienced users.

  • Simplify Tasks manipulation. Easily change location and order of Tasks, Sub Tasks, Steps and Sub Steps through an intuitive drag and drop interface.

  • Assign Mission Tasks to multiple Jobs. Create, track and update with ease.

  • Simplify data migration. Automatically cascade attributes from Mission Tasks to Job Tasks to Performance Objectives to Courses through Auto Populate.

  • Simplify Alignment between Mission and Job Tasks. Alert users as changes unfold and re-sync Mission and Job Tasks in a single click.

  • Generate Master Task List (MTL), Master Training Task List (MTTL), Job Task List (JTAR), Training Plans (TP) and many more reports in a single click.

  • Quickly identify Tasks, Courses and Learning Objectives impacted by a change to policy, system or tool. 










"With ADVISOR I can make changes on the spot and the graphs demonstrate right away their impact, that have enabled me to cut down my initial analysis from 30 days to one day".

Cathi Billings

Instructional System Specialist 

Sheppard AFB

"ADVISOR simplified data validation. Tasks, including reference codes for each position, could easily be exported to Excel and sent to SMEs for review. A step that could have taken up to two-and-a-half weeks to perform is now generated within one hour". 

John Marley




Minimize Duplication: 

  • Common measures such as hourly rates of developers, instructors and support staff; time needed to develop and support courses; per diem and travel costs; etc., can be stored in templates to quickly and accurately forecast money and resources needed for one or multiple courses.

  • Knowledge/Skills (KSAs), Job Aids, Policies and Tools are automatically compiled under each Project and Job to minimize duplication as well as facilitate management and reuse. Each item can be assigned to multiple Tasks/Objectives.

  • Mission Tasks are automatically stored in a single repository to facilitate management and reuse. Each Task can be assigned to multiple Missions.

  • To eliminate duplication, similar KSAs, Job Aids, Policies and Tools can be merged while preserving links to Tasks, Objectives and Courses. 

  • Project, Job, Course and Performance Analyses can be shared with colleagues, copied to multiple projects and modified in line with needs.

  • Search and locate Tasks and Objectives by Mission, Job or user defined keyword. Copy Task and Objectives - including Steps, Sub Steps and attributes in single click.

  • To quickly zero-in on relevant KSAs, user defined attributes can be defined and assigned to each Knowledge and Skill. 

  • Similar Learning Objectives within each Course and those that do not support specific Task can be quickly identified and deleted using Filter Duplicates and Realign Objectives functions.




"ADVISOR ... can support the analysis of large scale and complex training problems and is transparent in its method of rating alternative training options. It considers many input factors and can support detailed cost analysis and provide cost comparisons between options." 

Live Synthetic Balance Decision Support Tool

UK MoD Defence Science and Technology Lab

"BNH ... performed flawlessly through a series of five software customization's. Our needs were met and all products were delivered on time.  Staff was extremely helpful in identifying better and more economical ways to customize their product for our customers specific needs. I would not hesitate to use this vendor again and wholeheartedly recommend BNH for any enterprise training solution." 


Richard "Steve" Dehart

Principal Training & Development Specialist

RTSC Engineering Training Directorate

Raytheon Company


Improve Performance & Reduce Waste: 

  • Minimize waste by uncovering reasons behind performance gap and identifying solutions that achieve the desired results.

  • Validate the content of existing Courses by realigning Learning Objectives with Tasks through an intuitive drag and drop interface.

  • Maximize training impact and demonstrate value by focusing resources on the most critical initiatives.

  • Increase throughput, reduce travel costs and time away from job by exploring blended delivery, build versus buy and internal versus external personnel use.

  • Improve personnel and resource allocation by forecasting needs and tracking utilization rates.

  • Minimize delays and cost overruns by producing solid project plans, tracking progress in real-time, anticipating problems & pinpointing corrective measures.

  • Reveal duplication and training creep.

  • Uncover and duplicate efficient training programs and correct problem areas.

  • Conduct multiple what if scenarios within minutes.

  • Forecast budget, personnel and resource requirements for one or multiple courses for any given time period.

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"With ADVISOR, we can quickly and accurately forecast training costs, communicate results and manage requirements as project scope changes".  

Jeff Reynolds 

Manager, Global Sales & Technical Training

Intermec Technology Corporation

"You gain critical knowledge for making informed decisions. As a result, costly errors can be avoided, and resources maximized by focusing on training initiatives that develop skills needed to attain business goals". 

Nancy Williams 

Senior Associate

Booz Allen Hamilton 

"ADVISOR is far more robust than any other option that we have investigated".

Ron Hackbart

Project Manager 

First Data Resources

BNH products and services have been successfully implemented within the following organizations:

  • Avnet Computers

  • Bank of Canada

  • Caterpillar

  • Citibank

  • First data

  • Florida Light and Power

  • Harper Collins

  • Hydro Quebec

  • Intermac Technology Corp

  • Kraft Foods

  • Metropllitan Life

  • National Bank

  • Nortel Networks

  • Prentice Hall

  • Royal Bank

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